December 7, 2022

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Crystal’s $ 29 Local Farm purchases + $ 69 Kroger Shopping Trip (and what we ate)

If you happen to be new below, I follow the Obtain In advance Basic principle – which indicates that what we buy each week is usually for future weeks. We inventory up on the most effective promotions and markdowns just about every week and that signifies that we then have a wide variety of items from past buying trips to use to system a menu from.

With the increase in grocery rates, I’ve decided to elevate our grocery funds to $ 100 a week simply because I have not been having plenty of wiggle room to stock up like I’d want to. This quantity will continue to challenge me to be inventive though also providing me more than enough respiratory room to inventory up and carry on to exercise the Acquire In advance Principle.

In addition to practicing the Acquire In advance Basic principle, I Reverse Food Approach. This suggests that I system primarily based upon what we have on hand moreover what very good product sales / markdowns I discovered at the suppliers. (Examine more about Reverse Meal-Scheduling here.)

Follow me on Instagram tales for authentic-time video clips on what I am purchasing if you will not want to have to hold out for me to get the put up prepared up for the web site!

I’m a minor late in having this posted – as I bought all of this past Friday! – but hey, far better late than hardly ever, right ?!

We have been loving receiving new eggs and milk! I am so excited to have finally observed some excellent sources for these! This week, we acquired two dozen eggs from our buddies who have chickens ($ 5 / dozen) + we went to the area farm to pick up milk ($ 5 / gallon) and they also experienced refreshing eegs for $ 3 / dozen (!!!) and floor sausage from a neighborhood farm for $ 3 / pound.

At Kroger, my most significant rating was 11 offers of uncured ham marked down to $ 1 / deal (routinely $ 4.69!). I stuck these in the freezer to use for sandwiches, do-it-yourself warm pockets and much more!

They also experienced blueberries for $ 2.99, orange juice for $ 1.29 / fifty percent gallon, and 32-oz blocks of cheese for $ 5.99.

The massive jars of jelly have been marked down to $ 1 every single and the cereal was $ 1.99 each and every.

All whole for all these groceries from Kroger + good friends + the community farm, it was all around $ 98.

Here’s What We Ate

Breakfasts —Cereal, Scrambled Eggs, Oatmeal, Baked Oatmeal

Lunches (the older kids have lunch at faculty) – Fried Eggs, Yogurt, Toast, Difficult-Boiled Eggs, Fruit, Leftovers, Bagged Salad, Peppers, Cheese

Snacks – Fruit, Cheese, Chocolate Milk, Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins, Incredibly hot Cocoa


Sunday: Picnic Lunch (ham and PB sandwiches), Pancakes for dinner

Monday: Sloppy Joes, Pickles, Salad, Fruit

Tuesday: Frozen Pizza

Wednesday: Chicken Broccoli Rice, Rolls, Fruit Salad

Thursday: Bean & Cheese Burritos with rooster, Fruit

Friday: Homemade Barbecue Chicken Pizza, Fruit

Saturday: Meal out